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We highly recommend you purchase a Japan Rail Pass for 7 days prior to leaving United States.  The pass allows one to use the trains as well as the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) as much as possible for the entire period.  The rail pass doesn’t apply to the subway. However, the subway is very affordable. Japan Rail Passes can be purchased at the link below.  Passes will be issued at Tokyo Narita Airport.  As Tokyo is a huge city with various attractions, you will have two days allotted for day trips to your desired destinations. Black Tokyo Tours will facilitate directions and any necessary accommodations (Translations and reservations) for you.  

National Railway 
1. Unlimited use on JR's Shinkansen super express (Except super express named "Nozomi"), limited-express, and express trains (ordinary-class and 1st-class "Green Car" seats: reserved and non-reserved seats) and local trains as well as JR-affiliated buses throughout Japan. (7-day, 14-day, 21-day passes)
2. If you use the GranClass car on the “HAYABUSA” train of the Tohoku Shinkansen, you must pay the limited express charge and the GranClass car surcharge.
3. Fares: 29,110 yen (7 days for ordinary-class cars and reserved seats) - 59,350 yen (21 days for ordinary-class cars and reserved seats) Overseas purchase of an exchange order for this ticket prior to entry is required.  Please check Japan Rail website as prices can change. 

Black Heritage Tour Of Tokyo

Individual, Family, and Group Tours.

Black Tokyo Tours is now offering individual, family, and group tours. 


During our tours, we visit sites with significant Black/African history, with the intention of celebrating our collective heritage. These sites are in Tokyo and surrounding cities. Our tours range from $4,900 to $6,100 USD depending on your location, and length of stay in Japan with an 8-day minimum stay. The price includes airfare, travel to and from airport, admission fees to sites, and hotel accommodations including breakfast.  We have flights from the following cities: Chicago; LA; San Francisco; Atlanta; Toronto; NYC; and London, UK on All Nippon Airways. Please call 1-313-995-9029 or 011-81-80-2906-9168; or email us on our contact page for more details about tour sites and accommodations.  As always, we thank you for your support. 


With Translation Services Provided By Company.

We will visit well-known sites in Tokyo. 

Guided Tours

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Adventure awaits you at Black Tokyo Tours - Japan from the Black point of view. 

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